Writing a book is only the first step, next you also have to make sure your manuscript is properly formatted and can be read equally well whether it’s a printed copy, or an eBook being read on the most popular eReader devices.

Below, you’ll find links to numerous services that can help you with your book formatting, as well as links to Do-it-Yourself guides and products if you decide to tackle the job yourself.


Take pride in your eBook formatting, by Guido Henkel


eBook – Zen of eBook Formatting: A Step-by-step Guide To Format eBooks for Kindle and EPUB, by Guido Henkel

KindleGen – the official tool provided by Amazon to create .mobi files for the Kindle eReader.

jEdit – a free to use advanced text editing and programming software.

Calibre – a free and open source e-book library management application.

Vellum – a premium user friendly eBook creator software for Mac

eBook and Print Book Formatting Services
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Archangel Ink eBook and Print Book Formatting Service

Archangel Ink specializes in the eBook formatting service service; their years of experience (and many lessons learned along the way) make it easy for any author looking to expedite the process and avoid the headaches. They will format your finished manuscript (in MS Word format) so that it translates seamlessly across all viewing platforms.

Guido Henkel eBook and Print Book Formatting Service

Do you feel all the technical gobbledegook surrounding eBooks is not something you want to deal with? Not a problem. You can simply put Guido’s years of experience in eBook formatting to work for your next book to make sure you will have a product that is professional, and something you can be proud of, without all the hassle.

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