Here I will list various articles, sites, services and miscellaneous author resources to make it as easy as possible for authors and publishers to make the most of their books, book launches and promotions. Bookmark this page as I’ll be updating it on the fly.

If you know of a service or are offering one yourself that caters to writers, publishers and such, drop me an e-mail and I’ll be glad to list it here and send traffic your way.

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Latest Updates

The Fussy Librarian Book Promotion Service Review

The Fussy Librarian sends 121,000 subscribers a daily email, which is where your ebook will be featured once. The number of subscribers in each genre varies — you can find the latest stats on their prices page. Your book will be included in their searchable database for 30 days as part of your fee.

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Bknights Books Promotion Service Review

Self claimed number one publishing service for independent authors. They promote hundreds of books each month for their clients and on Fiverr. They claim to have numerous syndication networks and contacts throughout the world. Their publishing platform has the ability to reach over 15,000 readers.

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FreeBooksy Book Promotion Service Review

FreeBooksy is a promo service owned by Written Word Media, that also houses Bargain Booksy, and newer sites Red Feather Romance and NewInBooks. FreeBooksy is designed to promote books that are either permafree or temporarily free through KDP. They have over 230,000 registered readers with a voracious appetite for books.

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Bargain Booksy Book Promotion Service Review

If you are planning to discount your book (or if your book is already priced between $0.99 and $5), the Bargain Booksy Feature is for you. With over 170,000 registered users a Bargain Booksy feature can help you to drive sales of your book, find a new audience of readers, generate reviews for your book, and improve your book rank on retail sites.

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Awesomegang Book Promotion Service Review

Awesomegang offers both free submissions and paid listings.

Besides the 2 day Featured Listing mentioned above books also get put in their newsletters which are mailed daily to readers looking for books.

As a bonus they send out links to books on their social media accounts. They guarantee it once a day but it is usually twice a day unless they get a lot of book submissions.

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BookBub Book Promotion Service Review

BookBub is a book marketing and discovery platform that promotes limited-time discounts on ebooks. Readers sign up to receive a daily email alerting them to deals in categories that match their interests, while authors, publishers, and agents partner with them to reach the millions of book lovers who use their service.

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James H. Mayfield Book Promotion Service Review

James H. Mayfield social media promo service can be considered a Virtual Assistant service. The promo involves posting ads to the authors book, during promotional days, on several different social media sites, including Facebook, Reddit, Twitter, as well as various Forums and Sites.

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